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My 1978 Ford Thunderbird
Other Peoples' Thunderbirds

Great Birds of the late 70s.

I know with the Cougar page, I went a little overboard and liberally slathered the site with lots of pics and information on 1967-1997 Cougars. But with the T-bird dating back to 1955, that's just too much for poor me. Check out the links for good information and pictures of early Birds.

Oh, baby!

I don't know whose picture this is! If you know please email me. I want to give them credit for a great bird.

Town Landau Postcard

How about a '77 Town Landau?

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1979 Thunderbird Heritage

1979 Heritage

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An Ad

Buy your '78 Thunderbird today!

A '77 Baseline Thunderbird

Here is an ad for a baseline '77 Thunderbird.

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A '78. She looks kinda sleepy with those light covers half-way open.

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More pictures coming soon. Email me if you want your Thunderbird up here.