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My 1978 Ford Thunderbird

Well, I've gone and done it again! Your old buddy has spent $1500 on another car. Don't worry, I've still got the old '79 Cougar, but now I also lumber around in my '78 T-bird. She's a real beauty, light jade glow, with a dark green interior. She also has an 8-track player, with a glovebox full of tapes. That Elvis had some good stuff.

To propell her, she uses a 351M/400 engine and a C4 three speed automatic tranny. She has those neat flip-up light covers and they actually work. The paint is in nearly perfect condition and it is remarkably nice, considering that I am the 4th owner. When I bought the beast, She was filthy and running on fumes, I thought we'd have to push it to the filling station, but after $35 in gas a a quick cleanup, she was the gem of the neighborhood.

I hope to someday replace the cranks, pistons, etc., for just a wee bit more power. In the mean time, however, she needs to get the tires balenced, and her buddy, the Cougar REALLY needs a paintjob. Someday, someday.

If you have the means to support a monster like this, I highly reccomend it. She is really slow off the line, but you can pass anything with that monster engine. She's also comfortable and fun to drive.



What's New?

7/23/01- I got some new pictures of my Thunderbird, check out the "Me and the Thunderbird" section.

7/9/01- I've finnally got some pictures of the old beast. I've been on vacation so I haven't really had time for the sites.

6/11/01 - I'm still too lazy to take pictures of my car, but I'll have pictures of other Thunderbirds and a review of the 2002 T-Bird up soon.

I went to a local cruise-in with the Birdy, and while she wasn't exactly a show-stopper, I did get a few compliments. I also get to meet other Thunderbird drivers, including a really nice lady in a red '55. Neat!

6/4/01 - I just started the page so no pictures, yet. Soon, this will be a veritable archive of pictures of my babies. I hope to have some pics of other Thunderbirds up later tonight.